Monday, February 7, 2011

Random pics and Martha

One ray of light after weeks, my new camera and some random pictures of my livingroom..
Un raggio di luce dopo settimane, la mia nuova macchina fotografica e alcune immagini casuali del mio soggiorno..

Ilaria Chiaratti 2011

My dear neighbor Natallia, borrowed me her iPad..yesterday evening I've read Martha..beautiful magazine! I can't understand why in Eindhoven I can't find a copy of this magazine...

La mia cara vicina di casa Natallia mi ha prestato il suo iPad..ieri sera ho letto Martha.. bellissimo giornale! Non riesco a capire perché a Eindhoven non riesco a trovare una copia di questa rivista..

Ilaria Chiaratti 2011


  1. It's all again so inspiring. Colours, furniture, your crochet work. I'm really glad I found your blog.
    Have a nice week.

  2. That cupboard rocks! You have a lovely home, so nice to finally meet up!

  3. @ HRANDICA: thank you my dear!! Have a nice week too!
    @ Planet Fur: oh thank you! I like it too! Can't wait to meet you! ;-)

  4. I know Schiphol Airport sells a lot of international magazines.
    For Dutch people it is possible to subscribe to the magazine I see on the internet:

    And also at you can order almost every magazine :). Prices aren't too bad either..

  5. Figurati io che lo cerco nella provincia italiana...mission impossible!

  6. oh i can't look at that huge window you have... it's amazing!!! i would love one of those here! and those plants by the window... so cute!!! :) have a great day friend! twiggs

  7. @ Simone: friday I'm on Eindhoven airport..let's see!
    @ Carola: thank you so much! ;-)
    @ Aina: immagino..che peccato pero'..
    @ Twiggs: oh, I love that window! the first time that I've saw this apartment, one year ago, I've immediately thought: "yes, this is home!"

  8. adooooro il tuo soggiorno! io sto aggiustando casa mia, ma ancora manca qualche pezzo forte! ti seguo ovviamente, il blog mi ha catturato!


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