Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pin me!

I'm trapped! Help me please!
Two days ago my friend Barbara sent me a mail asking to become part of the Pinterest community. Certainly, I already knew the existance of Pinterest, but for some reasons I've never really looked at it carefully. 
Well then, now that I created my account, as I've already said, I'm trapped! 
First of all because it is really easy to use. Just by logging in you can find all your Facebook or Twitter friends... and follow them. You can create different "boards" and add to them your favourite pictures or inspirations. Nevertheless, the Pinterest application, once installed on your web browser follows you while you surf and you can add EVERY image that you find interesting, you just need the "pin it" icon on your toolbar and that's it! A piece of cake!

You can also follow and therefore "re-pin" the images that other users with your same taste and interests added to their own boards. Just click the icon "repin" on the left top corner of the pic and then choose in which gallery to add it (or eventually create a new one). 
That's very brilliant, because you can use Pinterest as an organized "inspirations archive" without overloading your computer with files!

Well, if you're curious and you want to become a IDA LifeStyle follower, just click here!

Sono in trappola! Aiutatemi per favore!

Due giorni fa la mia amica Barbara mi ha mandato una mail chiedendo di diventare parte della comunità di Pinterest. Certo, conoscevo già l'esistenza di Pinterest, ma per alcuni motivi non ho mai davvero guardato con attenzione.

Ebbene, ora che ho creato il mio account, come ho già detto, sono in trappola!
Prima di tutto perché è davvero facile da usare. Solo facendo il login si possono trovare tutti gli amici di Facebook o Twitter ... e seguirli. È possibile creare diverse "bacheche" e aggiungere le tue foto preferite o ispirazioni. L' applicazione Pinterest, una volta installata sul browser web ti segue durante la navigazione ed è possibile aggiungere QUALSIASI immagine che trovi interessante, è sufficiente l'icona "pin it" sulla barra degli strumenti! Come bere un bicchier d'acqua!

Si possono anche seguire e quindi "re-pin" le immagini che gli altri utenti con i vostri stessi gusti e interessi hanno aggiunto alle loro bacheche. Basta fare clic sull'icona "repin" che si trova nell'angolo in alto a sinistra della foto e poi scegliere in quale galleria aggiungerla (o eventualmente crearne una nuova).
E' davvero brillante, perché si può usare Pinterest come fosse un "archivio di ispirazioni" senza sovraccaricare il computer con i file!

Beh, se siete curiosi e volete diventare follower di IDA LifeStyle, basta cliccare qui!


  1. I recently took my first look at Pinterest as well. I haven't joined yet as I'm scared that it's just another thing to keep me online instead of crocheting and creating :)

  2. Ah ah Rachel, you're right!! But after the first days of enthusiasm and thrill, you have to stop to consulting it and consider it JUST your "inspirations board"! (that's what my friend Barbara suggested me, I'm trying to do it..)

  3. Hi Ilaria! I found you via our BYW class. I love the yarn, too! My friend Tori, from Sitting in a Tree Events, made it. She also made a larger white version for an event that we had here at my store. Great blog!!

  4. Hi Elexia, nice to meet you! ;-)
    Yes, is a very nice you have the link at the picture?
    Thank you!!

    See you in the class! ;-)

  5. Another hello from a BYW student. I totally agree with you. Pinterest is great, but so addictable. Just got an invite from a friend, but I'm also a little scared to start, because, what happens, when I cannot stop pinning anymore... ;-)


  6. Good luck with this new thing!
    hugs and nice weekend

  7. Oh mamma! terribilmente geniale!

  8. I still mean it, if you stop browsing boards and use it as your own archive Pinterest is useful without being TOO addictive ;-)
    The only tricky issue is copyright (as Chelsea has alread v. cleverly outlined because not everybody pins with care (crediting the original source in the description) and already people are using pinned pictures without giving proper credit...

  9. Ciao Ilaria
    I've send my request to be able to sign in pinterest. How long did you wait until you're invitation arrived?

  10. @ Barbara: ah,'re so right!
    @ MJ: Sorry, no idea! I had an invitation from a friend...

  11. Just found your blog via BYW - it's beautiful, really love your style and lovely photos.


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