Friday, May 27, 2011

Flickr says it's Friday

Hello and happy Friday! You can't imagine how I'm happy today! First of all my lovely husband is came back from a work trip (5 days without him is too much!) and tomorrow we leave and we go to Berlin, to celebrate my 30th birthday!!
I'm very excited and curious, I never been there..I heard so many interesting things about it! I can't wait!
But today is also the day of my column "Flickr says it's Friday". Today the gallery is dedicated to some pictures are more intense and in some others just a touch..but I love them all!
I wish you a lovely weekend and a beautiful week, see you the 3rd of June!

Ciao e felice venerdì! Non potete immaginare quanto sono felice oggi! Prima di tutto il mio adoratissimo maritino è tornato da un viaggio di lavoro (5 giorni senza di lui è davvero troppo tempo!) e domani partiamo per andiamo a Berlino, per festeggiare il mio 30° compleanno!
Sono molto emozionata e curiosa, non ci sono mai stata..ho sentito dire così tante cose interessanti a riguardo! Non vedo l'ora!
Ma oggi è anche il giorno della mia rubrica "Flickr says it's Friday". Oggi la galleria è dedicata ai alcune foto sono più intensi e in alcune solo un semplice mi piacciono moltissimo tutte quante!
Vi auguro un dolcissimo week-end e una bellissima settimana, ci vediamo il 3 giugno!

tulips 1
Ideen dom
pormenor do jardim interior
Galos no poleiroSMAC colours
Multicolor pillowsArtoleria
Details at homecitrusandorange
..just finished the tiny all-white bedroom...
...lining the drawerssusannyloves


  1. Hello, I am a reader of your blog since several months, and I am so happy for your nice weekend, and additionally for showing my picture on your blog (the first one with the tulips).
    Greetings from ideendom

  2. I love your choices....

    And Happy happy birthday. I hope you spend good time in the coming week. I will be eagerly waiting for your photos.

    enjoy ....

  3. Thank you both for the comments!!
    A lot of hugs to you! ♥

  4. Happy Birthday, Ilaria! Hope you have a nice day, with lots of love and happiness! :)


  5. Thanks! I love your work and your blog and I´m very glad you chose my pictures for this post. I hope you have a very, very nice weekend and wish you a happy birthday. We are both Gemini! :)

  6. Hello there =) Fellow reader here and recent follower of your great blog! Just want to say Happy Birthday and enjoy your time in Berlin! I lived there for a year and I miss it every day. Coolest city ever! My favourite spots are hanging out at Mon Bijou parc, and the Admiral Brucke. Look them up if you like. And if the weather is nice, try to go to the Badeschiff. Here are some links to two posts on my blog where I have some pics of those places:

    Oh I'm sooo jealous, lol! Have fun =)

  7. Thank you so much! ♥
    Finally we're here, can't wait to explore the city!
    @ Holly: thank you very much for all these informations!! ;-) I let you know!

  8. i love the white bedroom! happy birthday ^_^

  9. I'm thrilled to see my first ever Flickr pic posted on a blog! Thank you, thank you! :D The colorful pictures right under your blog title are exactly what I hope to find when searching for decorating inspiration. the crochet lamp shade ....and....Happy Belated Birthday! :)


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