Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday morning

Hello everyone! Finally we're back to normality! Yesterday I didn't post my usual "Flickr says it's friday", but don't worry, I'll show you the gallery next tuesday. I don't know why but this morning I woke up really early, around 6.30 am..and this is not normal for me! I like to stay in bed, most of all when it's saturday! So, to stay active and waiting for my husband (that btw is still sleeping!) I've made some pictures with my iphone. And thanks to LemeLemeHD app, I've made these pics. I hope you like them! Have a nice weekend!

Ilaria Chiaratti 2011

Ciao a tutti! Finalmente siamo tornati alla normalità! Ieri non ho postato il solito "Flickr says it's friday", ma non preoccupatevi, vi farò vedere la galleria martedì prossimo. Non so perchè ma stamattina mi sono svegliata molto presto, intorno a 6:30..e questo non è affatto normale per i miei canoni! Mi piace stare a letto, soprattutto quando è sabato! Quindi, per rimanere attiva e in attesa di mio marito (che tra l'altro sta ancora dormendo!) ho fatto qualche foto con il mio iPhone. E grazie alla app LemeLemeHD, ho fatto queste foto. Spero che vi piacciano! Buon weekend a tutti!


  1. good morning : )

    just wanted to say thank you for inspiration..
    Have a nive weekend..

    hugs from Tromsø ; )

  2. same here, also awake early and reading the VT Wonen! Have a great weekend! Bye Yvon

  3. Come sempre bellissime... bella luce e atmosfera rilassante.E la tua spalla?

  4. well, isn't that curious, because i also woke up by the same time, but not on my own.... mr kobe was crying like crazy, i wasn't believing that!! until he jumped to our bed and started sleeping for two more hours! oh blessed bed! :):) oh and isn't it cool to watch the first rays of sun entering our lovely homes... and everything peaceful outside? :)

  5. Thanks to all of you Ladies! I'm sorry if I didn't reply before, but I'm not very good in these days, I have a lot of neck pain and shoulder pain..I'm not doing any crochet and I have to take medicines to stay a little bit's so frustating!
    But take pictures is always a good feeling, I feel better..probably this is the best medicine that work on me! ;-)
    I wish you a lovely week!

  6. La foto con la credenza e quella con i fiori nel vaso sono le mie preferite!...!


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