Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vintage bedspread

If you are following this blog for long, you already know about my passion for crochet and vintage. Well, imagine for a moment to find an amazing item that can combine this two passions in one. The result may be this gorgeous bedspread that I found with my grandma during one of our flea market tours. I've been surprised and as a "crocheter" slightly offended from the silly price of this gorgeousness! I can't imagine all the work required from this Lady (I suppose that was a Lady!) to make it. But I'm happy about this little "treasure" that my grandma bought for me, I'm for sure able to appreciate this masterpiece. 

Ilaria Chiaratti 2011

Se seguite questo blog da tempo, già siete a conoscenza della mia passione per l'uncinetto e per il vintage. Beh, immaginate per un momento di trovare un oggetto meraviglioso che può unire queste due passioni in una. Il risultato potrebbe tranquillamente essere questo splendido copriletto che ho trovato con mia nonna durante una delle nostre visite al mercatino delle pulci. Sono stato sorpresa e come "uncinettara" leggermente offesa dal prezzo ridicolo di questa magnificenza! Non riesco a immaginare tutto il lavoro richiesto da questa signora (suppongo almeno che fosse una donna!) per realizzarlo. Ma sono contentissima di questo piccolo "tesoro" che mia nonna mi ha voluto regalare, mi sento sicuramente in grado di apprezzare questo capolavoro.


  1. Your bed looks so happy all dressed up :)
    It's a wonderful crochet work

  2. amazing!It look perfect in your bedroom!

  3. This is so beautiful! Right combination of everything.

  4. Thank you, it was love at first sight! ;-)

  5. I absolutely love this!! I am so envious! I have been looking for a vintage spread for our bed for two years and still have not found one. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to learn how to crochet becauseI am completely obsessed with it and they may be right!

  6. A volte mi chiedo come fa la gente a liberarsi o buttare cose simili!
    Meno male che c'è sempre qualcuno che le recupera :-)

  7. That's exactly the reason why I take that kind of handmade gorgeousnes pieces home: it's so sad that something so timeconsuming ends up in a thriftshop! Imagine how many hours of work it must have taken to make this spread! I love it!

  8. No really, I can't imagine!! And I've paid just 12 euros (well, actually my grandma did!).
    And this morning LouLou has arrived..she's lovely and I think that she's very happy here! I'll post about her in a few weeks, thank you again!

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