Tuesday, July 26, 2011

..ready for Summer!

Finally it's time for us to see the REAL summer in the sunny (hopefully!) Mallorca.
This time I didn't organize any photo shoot, so my only job will be lie down on the beach and spend really good time with my husband. See you next week!

Finalmente è arrivato il momento anche per noi di vedere la VERA estate nella soleggiata (si spera!) Maiorca.
Questa volta non ha organizzato nessun photo shoot, quindi il mio unico compito sarà quello di sdraiarmi in spiaggia e trascorrere delle belle giornate con mio marito. Arrivederci alla prossima settimana!

Two happy feet
Ilaria Chiaratti 2011


  1. Buone vacanze allora, fai un bel pieno di sole!! :)

  2. Grazie! Ne abbiamo veramente bisogno, qui e' ormai autunno da piu' di un mese...

  3. have a beautiful & delightful vacations, my dear friend! i hope you get back home fully refreshed and with your mind ready to make beautiful things! drive/fly safely :):) hugs, twiggs

  4. Have a lovely time to one of my ever favorite places!

    Remember to visit Valdemossa & Polenca at the North of the island :)
    Go for food to LaFarinera at Palma! Order grilled meet + drink good wine. {can send you an sms with the address if needed}

    It'd be so nice to go together, as I' d love to show you around a bit. Have been there a few times + feel quite at home there :)

    You may get some ideas here:

    Hugs + kisses,
    Iro, xo xo :)

  5. Divertiti e ristorati!! Baci!! :)**
    ps: bella foto ;)

  6. Thank you so much all of you...but I'm already at home!!


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