Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday pics {special edition}

Oh, finally it's Friday! Do you have any plans for the weekend? 
I'm very happy because tomorrow I'll visit the woonbeurs in Amsterdam. I've been invited for a blog meetup, so I can't wait to meet new people and visit the fair. Last year I really enjoyed it and I've took a lot of pictures..well, this year I have my iphone with me, so you can follow me on twitter

Yesterday I've work all the day for my projects (school, fair, Redecorate) and I didn't posted the usual "Thursday pics"..but this morning the light in my apartment was so nice that I could not resist. Then here the "Friday pics - special edition"!

Redecorate update: Valentina's new post here!

Friday pics {special edition}

Friday pics {special edition}

Friday pics {special edition}

Friday pics {special edition}

Friday pics {special edition}

Friday pics {special edition}

Ilaria Chiaratti 2011

Oh, finalmente è venerdì! Avete progetti interessanti per il fine settimana?
Sono molto contenta perché domani vado al Woonbeurs di Amsterdam. Sono stata invitata per un blog meetup, quindi non vedo l'ora di incontrare nuove persone e visitare la fiera. L'anno scorso mi sono davvero divertita e ho fatto un sacco di foto..e visto che quest'anno ho il mio iphone con me, mi potrete seguire in diretta su Twitter!

Ieri ho lavoro tutto il giorno per i miei progetti (scuola, fiera, Redecorate) e non ho postato la solita rubrica "Thursday pics" quando questa mattina mi sono svegliata, la luce nel mio appartamento era così bella che non ho potuto resistere. Quindi ecco a voi "Friday pics - special edition"!

Aggiornamento Redecorate: qui il nuovo post di Valentina!


  1. Aaaahhh - I like it and I'm in love with your cakestands on the last picture - where did you get them from?
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hi Simone, thank you so much!
    I bought the cakestands last year in Cambridge, in a local fair..they are from "french bull", here the website:

  3. Ma quel lampadario con gli origami è uno spettacolo!!!Bello bello bello!

  4. Grazie mille!! E' un'idea che ho realizzato tempo fa per Casa Facile!

  5. Hi Ilaria, just hopping over from Ivy's and what a wonderful girly time...would have loved to have been there with you two lovely creative ladies :-) I too am attracted to the cake stands (but of course!) and was scrutinizing it to see whether you did your magic by drawing those you do sometimes with your plates and teapots! I bet your work would shine just as well if not better than "frenchbull"! :-)Loved the photographs of your stuff and Ivy's put together :-)

  6. Dear Ilaria,
    thank you ever so much for your prompt answer - I had a look at the site of the shop and it is amazing - such a colourful and happy design!
    As my birthday is not so far away I surely know what I would like, now!

  7. i tuoi ambienti sono una delizia!

  8. @ Madhu: thank you so much my dear! We really had a wonderful time together, creating, chatting and shooting.
    Anyway, I really like dots, so maybe I can do something..good idea! ;-)

    @ Simone: well, I think that your birthday it could be a good opportunity to do some shopping on line! ;-)

    @ Nunzia: ti ringrazio moltissimo! con questa bellissima luce non ho resistito e la macchina ha praticamente scattato da sola ;-)

    @ Claire: thank you so much my dear! we have very similar taste, so I love your style too! ;-)


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