Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spaghetti, pomodorini e basilico

Yesterday evening I prepared this easy and tasty italian recipe..if you would like to try, follow these simple instructions.

What do you need {for 2}:
 160 gr. spaghetti {please, use the italian brands, like Barilla or De Cecco}
 10 cherry tomatoes
 10 basil leaves
 extra vergine olive oil {3/4 spoons}
 salt {only the big one}

Cut the cherry tomatoes and put them in a pan with the olive oil and let them cook for 5 minuts {until they became a little pulpy}. 
In the meanwhile boil the water and {when is boiling} add the salt.
Add the spaghetti and wait until they are cooked {read the cooking time on the box, normally 8-9 minuts}. When they are ready let them drain and put them in the pan with the cherry tomatoes and add the extra vergine olive oil. 
Add the basil leaves, mix and serve.
An italian red wine could be the icing on the cake!

Buon appetito!

Ieri sera ho cucinato questo bel piatto di spaghetti con pomodorini e basilico. 
I lettori italiani sanno sicuramente come prepararli, perciò la ricetta è in inglese! Se avete domande comunque potete sempre aggiungerle qui sotto nei commenti.

Spaghetti, pomodorini e basilico
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IDA Interior LifeStyle, 2012.
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  1. That seems a great recipe for tonight! Thanks Ilaria!

  2. Che fame! Non c'è niente di più gustoso di questa ricetta! A me piace "correggerla" anche con i capperi! Slurp!

    1. Eh si, le "correzioni" sono indispensabili!!

  3. I cannot wait to go home and cook:)

  4. Replies
    1. Serena, quando cucino queste cose {per noi cosi semplici e basilari} per i miei amici stranieri, si stupiscono di come siano buone+sane+veloci!!
      E ti risolvono la serata ;-)

  5. iummiiii :-)
    these three ingredients together can never fail!

  6. Mmmm, that looks great. Definitely going to try this one (and buy an italian brand pasta for the first time :))

    1. Oh yes, a good pasta makes the difference!

  7. oh whow this seems so delicious, i don't have basil though, or this would be today's dinner!!! and i don't have any wine too, but this will be for some day this week, so simple, so perfect for a summer dinner!

    1. Thank you dear friend! It's really simple and tasty and I'm sure that in Lisbon you can find all these ingredients ;-)
      Let me know


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