Monday, November 5, 2012

This week on my coffee table: MOLLIE MAKES: CHRISTMAS

Happy Monday!!
After months, I'm back with the column "This week on my coffee table". 
It's a special occasion, because one of my DIY is also featured in this book. 
If you forgot how my reviews work {after so many months I almost forget it too!}
here in short all the infos: you will find a recap page, with all the informations about the book where you can find also my vote. My vote is expressed with the number of the glasses, from 1 to 5 {the vote that is expressed it's just my personal opinion, I don't want to offend the writer/photographer/editor but just give to the readers my personal view}.
So, enjoy the review and I invite you to share with me and with the other readers your impressions if you have the book too.


what I like:
♦ fab kind of paper and amazing graphic design with a vintage-retro touch;
♦ the pictures are really well made {especially for the step by step ideas};
♦ the variety of the projects (sewing, embroidery, crochet, felting and more);
♦ a lot of this ideas could fit also for other festivity;
♦ the extra tips {where you can find my idea!}. Few more pages to be inspired from creative bloggers diys.

what I don't like:

♦ Nothing! Only that I don't have enough time to make all these lovely ideas.



Buon lunedi!
Dopo mesi di latitanza oggi torna la rubrica "This week on my coffee table". 
A dire il vero è un'occasione speciale, perché uno dei miei DIY è presente in questo libro.
Se nel frattempo avete dimenticato come funzionano le mie recensioni {dopo tanti mesi anche io non mi ricordo bene!}
qui in breve un veloce ripasso: all'inizio trovate la pagina di riepilogo con tutte le informazioni sul libro dove potete trovare anche il mio voto. Il mio voto è espresso con il numero degli occhiali, da 1 a 5. Voglio anche ricordare che il voto rispecchia solo la mia opinione personale, non voglio offendere lo scrittore/fotografo/editore, ma voglio essere libera di esprimere la mia opinione (ovviamente sempre in modo educato!).
Quindi, godetevi la recensione e come al solito vi invito a condividere con me e con gli altri lettori le vostre impressioni se anche voi avete acquistato il libro.


quello che mi piace:
♦ tipo di carta favoloso e grafica estremamente curata con un tocco vintage-retrò;
♦ le immagini sono davvero ben fatte {in particolare quelle delle idee passo passo};
♦ la varietà dei progetti (cucito, ricamo, uncinetto, feltro e altro);
♦ un sacco di queste idee potrebbero andare bene anche per altre festività;
♦ le idee extra {dove potete trovare anche il mio DIY!}. Alcune pagine in più dove si possono trovare ulteriori ispirazioni e diy.

quello che non mi piace:

♦ Niente! Solo che non ho abbastanza tempo realizzare tutte queste belle idee.




this week 4

Picture styling: Ilaria Chiaratti for 
IDA Interior LifeStyle, 2012.
All images of this post are styled & shot by me. 
Thank you for sharing/ linking / pinning with love & care.


  1. Wow! un motivo in più per acquistarlo!

    1. E' anche un ottima idea per un regalo di Natale!

  2. The things to make are really boring! There is never anything that seems new or interesting in the magazine either. I mean granny squares on the cover. Everyone can do those by looking online and there are much prettier ones. It's very ordinary I'm afraid. It always has the same old people in it and some of them are not very inspiring. It is always full of stuff taken off blogs that we saw months ago and patterns from books that I've already bought. There is so little of interest in the magazine and the Christmas book is what you would expect. A child could do the projects. So many magazines disappoint and they are very expensive. Books too are often full of fillers. Sometimes you find a good one if you are lucky.

    1. My dear, I appreciate your opinion, although you didn't write your name, leaving a comment as a boring "anonymous".
      As I said this is only my opinion, maybe because I like the simple and easy ideas.
      I also thing that not everyone has the time and the knowledge to surf on the net through blogs and Pinterest..and I couldn't disagree more about the magazine, that I think is one of the best regarding craft and handmade.

  3. Spero lo porti a casa Babbo Natale!! Grazie Ilaria per farci conoscere queste belle cose!!

    1. E' un piacere!! Speriamo che Babbo Natale ascolti ;-)

  4. Well, I'm just here to congratulate you for your inclusion in the book my dear friend (alongside all other wonderful for you achievements)!
    Simple ideas are always a pleasure to look at and try at home + you present them skillfully with your own tone. Not to mention they must be fully appreciated from those who are sort on time and perhaps resources.

    I also couldn't help noticing the comment left above and would like to say that a blog's comment section is to be respected by either sharing a few kind words or perhaps keeping one's opinion to themselves since there is no apparent need to also share a name or an email address.

    Keeping a blog requires EFFORT - that comes from a person who recently seems to not have the strength to keep up with hers, despite the fact that she loves posting and sharing there - so the least people who comment can do is to appreciate the time + effort + skill people put into keeping their blogs, especially since they are read for FREE.

    No one is forced to read a blog. Would someone be doing something else instead? They are free to do so. Easy peasy : )

    Much love + good thoughts all the way.
    Let there be peace + everyone deal with their own issues.

    Iro, xxx

    1. My dear,
      you always have the right words to say, in your unique and sincere way.
      Thank you.
      I think that the comment was ok {I asked to share the thoughts about the book}, but not as anonymous. As you say "the least people who comment can do is to appreciate the time + effort + skill people put into keeping their blogs, especially since they are read for FREE".
      I'm lucky to have such lovely readers as you that know that perfectly.

      hugs and love

  5. yay! That is so exciting! congrats!!

    1. Thank you my dear!! I'm very happy and proud *_*


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