Thursday, October 3, 2013

Books & magazines

That's why I left with an half empty luggage: to buy as much as I can! 
And that, of course, include books and magazines.
What I bought so far? 
1. Pretty pastel style {Selina Lake}
2. Retro home {Katherine Sorrell}
3. Big book of small, cool spaces {Apartment theraphy's}
4. Livingetc
5. Real Simple
6. The simple things
7. Domino

Ecco perché sono partita con il bagaglio mezzo vuoto: per comprare il più possibile! 
E questo, naturalmente, comprende libri e riviste.
Cosa ho comprato finora?
1. Pretty pastel style {Selina Lake}
2. Retro home {Katherine Sorrell}
3. Big book of small, cool spaces {Apartment theraphy's}
4. Livingetc
5. Real Simple
6. The simple things
7. Domino



Picture styling: Ilaria Chiaratti for 
IDA Interior LifeStyle, 2012.
The image of this post is styled & shot by me. 
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  1. Looks you''ll have lots to read in the next weeks ... and lots of ideas to share. Enjoy. :)

  2. Lovely...i have some of them...magazines...incredible...perfect for cooling afternoons

  3. Belli! Anche io quando sono all'estero faccio scorpacciate di libri e riviste! :)

  4. Spero che poi ci farai sapere i tuoi commenti su questi bei libri... Mi ispirano tutti!


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