Friday, September 5, 2014

Baby room #6 {Studio Snowpuppe}

The baby room decoration is going very well, I'm so pleased with what I did until now.
One of the loveliest pieces is the lamp, an origami paper lamp made by Studio Snowpuppe, a really cool and innovative dutch company.
The model I picked is the "Moth paper origami lamp gradient mint", with a very nice ombre shade and a yellow cord with porcelain socket. Ombre is something we're now used to see very frequently, but I think it's still very up to date and perfect for a baby room.
Here a gallery based on my lamp. 
What about you, do you like the ombre trend?

La decorazione della baby room sta procedendo molto bene, sono davvero contenta di quello che ho fatto fino ad ora. 
Uno dei pezzi più belli secondo me è la lampada, realizzata in carta con la tecnica origami da Studio Snowpuppe, una compagnia olandese fresca e innovativa. 
Il modello che ho scelto è la "Moth paper origami lamp gradient mint", con un dolce effetto ombre in menta e filo giallo a contrasto, completa di presa in porcellana. L'effetto ombre è qualcosa che siamo ormai abituati a vedere molto di frequente, ma penso che sia ancora molto aggiornato e perfetto per una baby room. 
Qui una galleria basata sulla mia lampada. 
Voi cosa mi dite, vi piace il trend ombre?

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  1. just wondering whether my recent comment reached you!
    { was an explicit one, as usual ; ) }


    1. no worries, it was the server... it sometimes goes down, then what I'm writing might not be delivered.
      Everything fine though, simply wrote it again ; )

  2. ok, my dear, one more try:

    The color combo & all the choices for your little boy's room are absolutely gorgeous, the lamp you are sharing here being no exception. I really like origami paper lamps! { once, about 10 years ago I had one from Habitat that resembled a star... didn't survive for long though }

    As for the ombre technique, I like a lot some of its expressions, especially when it is used to bring interest to an otherwise minimal & rather "quiet" room. I also love how you combined the complementary fruity, summer tones in your bedroom, joyful & totally inviting!

    Sending you warm hugs & kisses! If there is anything I could somehow do to engage in your process, it would be a great pleasure!

    Enjoy the day & weekend ahead!
    Iro xoxo


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