Thursday, September 11, 2014

Crochet fox purse and Snor giveaway

Let's start with something these days I don't feel very good, so all my mornings are at the desk, but the afternoons are almost entirely on the couch. So I'm trying to use this forced "immobility" and turn it into something useful. I'm crocheting new stuff for the Snor Festival: as I said in this post, on September 21 I'll be in Vuren for a festival co-hosted by the published Snor and my friend Yvonne from Yvestown. I'll be there with all my yarns and with some lovely items, like the fox purse below.

Today I'm giving away 5 tickets 4 tickets: just enter a comment below and I will send them to 4 lucky readers. The winners will be announced Monday, September 15th.

Cominciamo con qualcosa di personale, o come dice Barbara questi giorni non mi sento molto bene, quindi tutte le mie mattine sono alla scrivania, ma i pomeriggi sono quasi interamente inchiodata al divano. Quindi sto cercando di usare questa forzata "immobilità" e trasformarla in qualcosa di utile. Sto uncinettando delle golose novità in previsione dello Snor Festival: come ho detto in questo post, il 21 settembre sarò a Vuren per un festival co-ospitato dalla casa editrice Snor e dalla mia amica Yvonne di Yvestown. Sarò presente con tutti i miei filati e con alcune creazioni all'ucinetto, come la borsina volpe qui sotto. 

E se siete di passaggio in Olanda e volete partecipare, potete partecipare al giveaway inserendo un commento qui sotto: 5 biglietti  4 biglietti per 4 fortunati lettori. 
I vincitori saranno annunciati lunedì 15 settembre.

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IDA Interior LifeStyle, 2014.
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  1. Does it help that I am the first one to comment? ;-) My best friend and I planned to go to Snorfestival! First we sleep in the beautiful Villa Augustus en from there we will go to the festival! We will have to drive 3 hours to get there, but I probably will be worth it! ;-) I hope I win the free tickets, to the weekend will be perfectly and we can use the money for gasolene ;-)

    With love,

  2. Hi my dear,

    I'm sorry to read you haven't been feeling well. Get all the rest you need! You are so amazingly creative that even when on the sofa you are producing beautiful things! Magic, talented hands { asides mind ; ) } Sending you many many sunshiny wishes & hope you to feel well soon!

    p.s:the evenings are chillier so I'm enjoying being wrapped in my most favorite blanket ever! Also enjoying seeing it in the instagram pics I have been posting , I guess I should tag you! ; )

  3. Also, the baby room is looking awesome! Just caught up with your insta feed :)
    Congrats on 14 great years together & to many more to come with the company of at least one more lovely little boy on his way to the world soon!

    Oooh, and I'd love to visit you to the fair! Perhaps I could help you with selling at the stand or setting things up? However I really don't know if I can manage to be there for a day or max two, as I have already planned to be any time soon on a little trip direction south to mother country, enjoying a bit of early autumn sunshine.

    BUT, may be it will work out. We'll see! Whatever, have fun crocheting more of these foxy cuties or anything else!

    Warm, tender hugs!
    Iro xoxo

  4. Nice giveaway! I want to try my luck...groetjes!

  5. great !
    Greetings from Poland :)

  6. Wat leuk! Ik ga zeker langs snorren! Gr Winnie

  7. How nice! The festival sounds as so much fun, love to go there and see all your beautiful yarn and crochet pieces!

    Hope you feel better very soon!

    Inger (instagram pep&ed)

  8. Ooh, what a great giveaway! I was already planning to go there and meet you and all these other nice creatives.

    Really hope you feel better next week so you can also fully enjoy at the Snorfestival selling your nice stuff :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Ik doe graag mee! Nog geen plan voor komend weekend en Snor festival lijkt me een erg leuke invulling....!


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