Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter weekend in pictures

A lovely Easter weekend..Sunday we organized a brunch with our friends, another occasion to decorate the table and to stay together.

Una bel fine settimana di Pasqua..domenica abbiamo organizzato un brunch con i nostri amici, un'altra occasione per decorare la tavola e per stare insieme.

The day before we took advantage of the good weather and we visited the farm close by our home. Enea enjoyed it very much and so do we.

Il giorno prima abbiamo approfittato del bel tempo e abbiamo visitato la fattoria vicino casa nostra. Enea si è divertito un sacco, e anche noi.

Pictures: Ilaria Chiaratti and Alberto Bonomi for 
IDA Interior LifeStyle, 2016.
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  1. Beautiful weekend!

  2. Lovely photographs... Your Easter table looks so pretty. And I have water jug envy!

    1. Thank you! The jugs are from Tiger ;)
      --> http://flyingtiger.com/

    2. Keep meaning to say thank you for letting me know wher the jugs are from - I managed to snap up the very last one in the local Tiger!

    3. Yahy!! They are really pretty, aren't they? ;)


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