Friday, January 6, 2017

Become an Etsy seller with Etsy Resolution

Have you ever wanted to open your own Etsy shop but you're full of questions, doubts and a bit of fear? Well, you're not alone! I've been "there" myself when I opened my small shop years ago. 

Now Etsy has the perfect solution: a free program called "Etsy Resolution" that thanks to four simple instructional emails will outline how to open your shop, from finding inspiration to making your product look pretty. And you will also get the support of a community of peers while you create your shops together.
Over a period of 3 weeks, you will receive four lessons via email with information on getting started on Etsy. There will also be a Facebook group, where you can share your progress, ask questions and get feedback.
In Etsy Resolution, you'll get everything you need to get started on Etsy, including what to sell, how to ace product photography, the key to crafting great product listings, tips for getting found by shoppers, how to market your new shop and a guide to shipping.

What I learned from my personal experience as a seller, is to dedicate a lot of care to the pictures: it's always nice to see a window shop that is cohesive and well put together with harmony.

Here my top 5 tips:

1. Use natural light
The use of natural light is crucial when you are promoting a product: the possible buyer needs to have a real vision of it {in terms of colors, shape and size}.
You can also setting up a light box, normally indicated for small - to medium sized objects.
2. Less is more
Don't clutter the imagine, let the product "speaks and sparkles".
3. Invest in a tripod 
To make good pictures even when the natural light isn't optimal, invest in a tripod to make more stable pictures. You don't have to invest big numbers, a travel tripod can cost 15/20 euros.
4. Select props and backgrounds
Following rule n.2, props and backgrounds can be very helpful to visualize how your product will look in its final destination. Just remember that the main attention has to be directed on the item you are promoting.
5. Try, try, try
Take as many shots as you can, from different angles and changing the props and the backgrounds. 

So, ready to start your own business?
Stay with me, because next week there is a big surprise for you!

{This post is written in collaboration with Etsy, a platform that I personally use and recommend}

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