★ about IDA*ILARIA

My name is ILARIA, I'm italian and I live in Eindhoven since 2009 with my husband Alberto and our son Enea {before in the Blue Apartment and now in the Happy House}.
I work as a freelance photographer mainly for the italian magazine Casa Facile {Mondadori group} but I collaborate also with several international magazines creating DIY and crochet ideas.

In 2010 I started my blog, IDA Interior LifeStyle, where I share my inspirations for interior styling and my crochet works {here my Etsy shop}.

In 2012 I graduated {for the second time, after my DAMS master degree} as Interior Stylist and in the same year, I founded my own company, called IDA Interior LifeStyle, which provide interior styling consultancy.

In 2013 I opened my own on line yarn shop, IDA yarn shop.

This is my inspirations notebook, my playground..have fun!

What I like:
the italian food, the sky in a sunny spring day, the voice of Johnny Cash singing "You are my sunshine", my husband's eyes, Enea's laughs, my dog Kora and the kitty Penny Lane, my Happy House, drink tea, the sea {in every season}

What I don't like:
the impolite people, when my name is mispronounced {I'm not LLARIA, ILLARIA, HILLARIA}, the alarm clock set too early, the whisky, the mosquitos, when the temperature is too hot

My on line portfolio IDA photography

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